What to do about pilling and pulled yarn

While wool will soften with each wear, it might also start to show ‘pilling’ – small pieces of fluff that occur particularly in areas that are subject to friction during wear. Although it can’t be fully avoided, you can reduce pilling by limiting friction where possible, for example by avoiding bags and belts that rub against the knit fabric. However, it’s important to understand that pilling is not a sign of poor quality, and can actually add personality to a garment. If you prefer, you can remove pilling by gently plucking it off by hand. Avoid de-pilling devices such as ‘wool-razors’, as they can damage the fabric.

Sometimes you may also snag your knitwear on jewellery or other objects and pull a thread loose. If this happens, you can easily pull the yarn to the back of the garment using a crochet hook before securing it in a knot. Avoid pulling it too hard, and don’t cut the thread, since this will create a hole in your knitted garment.

Holes can be mended easily, so don’t throw a garment away, simply because a few stitches have come undone. You can learn to mend it yourself – a process called ‘darning’ – or have it repaired by a professional or even someone among your family and friends.